3Helix Power is a US based company providing consulting, analysis, engineering, and design services as well as hardware for low head hydropower projects. 3Helix Power has completed the design of more than 40 low head, Archimedes screw type, hydropower systems ranging from 10-300 Kilowatts (kW).

3Helix Power is focused on Archimedes screw technology, providing solutions for sites with head ranging from 1-10 meters with flows in the range of 400-10,000 liters per second (l/s).  This is equivalent to 14-350 cubic feet per second (CFS) of water. 

Because of their minimal environmental impact and fish friendly nature, Archimedes Screws are the preferred hydropower technology of the English Environment Agency* for low head sites.  Archimedes screw hydropower systems are extremely efficient and retain that efficiency even as water levels vary.  Additionally, screw systems can operate down to as low as 7% of the design flow, maximizing the time they can generate power.  Independent studies have found that in many instances, Archimedes screws are more cost effective solutions than traditional low head turbines (Kaplan or Francis).

3Helix is a US based company and is an Agent of Mann Power Consulting Ltd (www.mannpower-hydro.co.uk).  Most 3Helix work has been contract design and analysis work for Mann Power on sites in the United Kingdom, but the US has an abundance of high potential sites.  The images to the left are systems that Mann Power Consulting has either designed and/or supplied the Archimedes Screw system for.


*The Environment Agency in England has many functions.  The most important from the perspective of this website are their responsibilities for: licensing hydropower systems; maintaining the ecological health of the nations rivers and fisheries; and defending people and property from floods.  Multiple federal and state organizations including the Corps of Engineers perform comparable functions in the US.